Main differences between coonhounds and bloodhounds

Bloodhounds and coonhounds exhibit lots of differences between each other. Their country of origin, colouration, physical characteristics and sense of smelling would be perfect factors when differentiating this two dog species.



This dog breed is large and originated from Belgium. It was bred to hunt bear and deer. They are also referred as Sleuthhound and St Hubert Hound. The dog has a powerful sense of smell, a skill that was later developed in tracking humans. This makes them the favourite in the police force and military, tracking missing people, criminals and escaped prisoners.

Their body weight ranges between 32 and 50 kilogrammes while their height at adulthood is about 58-69 cm. They can either be of a black and tan colour or just tan colour. They have a giant skeleton with strong bones. Their fur is short and rough. Bloodhounds are more prone to gastrointestinal problems and infection in eyes and ears. The breed is not long lived with their average lifespan less than seven years.


The dog belongs to the scent dog of the hound family. Their country of origin is the USA. Their primary purpose was to quarry and foxhunt. There are several types of Coonhound dog breed. They include Black and tan coonhounds, blue tick coonhound, treeing walker coonhound, etc. The average weight of this dog is 29 to 59 kg with adult height ranging between 58 and 69cm.

They have long legs, long ears and drooping neck. The coat coloration depends on with the breed. Although the colours are different, they have the same features. Coonhounds live for 10 to 12 years in good health condition.

So from the above description which are the main differences.

One is that bloodhounds originate from Belgium while coonhounds country of origin is the United States. Two, bloodhounds have a stronger sense of smell compared to coonhounds. Bloodhounds is a single breed but coonhounds with coonhound’s belonging to a group of breeds.

Bloodhounds are good human’s trackers but coonhounds better in hunting purpose. Bloodhound has a short lifespan compared to coonhounds. Bloodhound has a wrinkled neck a feature that is absent in Coonhounds. Bloodhounds coat is very thick whereas coonhounds coat is less thick. Lastly, bloodhounds are always tan and black whereas coonhounds come in different colours.